Here at Raindrops In Virginia we are able to repair a wide range of items within home and industry. Be it welding, re-finishing, mechanical, re-plating, or conservation. Let our wide range of experience help you .

Repair services include:







This Farmhouse clock is from The Sessions Clock Company in Connecticut. A company that was open from 1903 to 1933. It is over 100 years old and after we repaired a number of gears and refabricated many bushings it shall last another 100.

A client came into the store with this absolutely exquisite antique french lamp of Hermes constructed in manganese bronze. The piece was broken at the hand and was in need of some very precise work. It had been repaired before using a form of brazing rod and then filled with an epoxy. So we had removed all past repairs and contaminants, rebuilt both the hand via TIG weld and machined a part that is designed to break so that the bronze itself does not need to. There is nothing we like to see more than a happy customer after a job well done.

This oak chair came in with a blown out back, and a blown seat cradle. We created new tenons and reconstructed the old holes repairing the splits and shatters and drilled new ones. We then installed a new cradle out of fabric, refreshed the padding, and re-strected the upholstery.

There is something richly satisfying about watching something spring to life that has been broken. This clock from Great Britain had a broken piece that we then fabricated a new one. We didn't even bother looking for parts.

We had received a commission from a very sweet couple who came in the store one day. The piece required re-caning, touch-up work, and some color matching. You can see our cane tool there at the bottom of the photograph. We had plasma cut piece of railroad track and then we ground it to fit into the cane groove.

A client came in to have us repair a number of pieces of jewelry including this watch that required a new face crystal. We could not locate a sized crystal so we cut and polished a new one for this loved piece.