Hand Forged Railing Project

March 2018

Pomme Restaurant Project

January 2018


Saying our goodbyes to Summer by enjoying some Mint Sun Tea and making some Firefly Necklaces on this beautiful day.


Custom Signs

Here we are plasma cutting the first side of our street sign for our store.

Jewelry Studio


The Mangrove Chair v.2 designed and constructed by Adam. You can see the piece at our store, and is made out of recycled steel and has over 1000 welds.

Tool Making

Just finished another commission with this adorable shelf. It's going to an auto shop so we used nuts as spacers for the supports really completing the industrial look.

Completed Barstool Legs.

Some decorative forgings for a number of barstools commissioned by a client.

Grinding and organizing barstool supports.

Grinding barstool legs.

Some of our burned tops fresh out of the fire pit and ready to be finished.

Here we are coating our hand forged trivets.
Each Trivet is completely covered with a sculptors wax that is a modification of a recipe that has been used for around 1200 years.
This process is called 'Flaming In’, and we save it for the evening to see if we have an even coat, and to enjoy its beauty.


Myself and Adam stenciling in a custom sign for a client. Very busy in the shop that day, with many signs and other items to knock off our list.

This is how we used to make the backs for our ReBarstools. We apply about 3 tons of force until all of the extra glue is squeezed out.

The finished product .

Here we are laying out and squaring a quote that shall be applied to a wall for a client.

At a sunny sale selling away.

Grinding Rebar for furniture.

A Drafting of one of our baskets

What do you do when you are in the shop and don't have a hair tie? Use a screwdriver!

Here we are both weeding the stencil on this fun little sign.

All finished!


Steel Triangle Trivets (Full set)

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